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St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Walpole Island, Ontario
Walpole Island is in the channel at the St. Clair River right along the international border between Canada and the United States. The Church of England established a mission station there in the first half of the nineteenth century.

One Man's Answers to Prayer by Arthur Custance
Arthur Custance writes that a great advantage of the Anglican service is that a minister is in a position to lead the congregation in a prayer which is not only good English but far more comprehensive in subject matter.

History of St. George's of Forest Hill Anglican Church
In 1957, St. Georges Church, Kitchener, was formally declared a mission congregation of the Anglican Church of Canada.   The new building was dedicated on Dec. 24, 1962, by Bishop Luxton.   With a further addition, photos show the present building to be airy and spacious.

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Arthur Custance discusses architecture, music, imagery, ritual, liturgy - forms of art intended to assist in the act of worship.   Dr Custance writes that the Anglican liturgy has a certain solid spiritual permanence which has allowed the church to be revived under God again and again even when it seemed it must surely be utterly dead.

Mud Church of Shanty Bay
The only surviving structure of any significance in Canada built of rammed earth. St Thomas Church was begun in 1838 and largely completed by 1841.

St John Anglican, Leamington, Ontario
Leamington is located on the north shore of Lake Erie, 54km southeast of Windsor.   St John the Evangelist Church has the ministries and groups: Caring Fellowship, Anglican Church Women, Caring Cooks, Crafters, Bible Studies and others.
Bishop DuMoulin John Philip DuMoulin
3rd Bishop of Niagara

Establishing the Anglican Church in Chatham, Ontario
Rev. Canon Howard's 1917 history of Christ Church beginning with the Reverend Richard Pollard, the first missionary of the Church of England in the district through to Rev. Canon Howard own appointment in 1910.

First Anglican Bishops of British Columbia
The development of the Anglican Church in British Columbia is traced through biographies of its first bishops: George Hills of Columbia, William Ridley of Caledonia and Acton Sillitoe of New Westminster.
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